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Kennedy Family - Granbury, Texas

I had a wonderful start to the day yesterday. I met the Kennedy family at the Acton Nature Center for a morning session. We had a beautiful morning, minus maybe a little wind. There was no one else there until the end so it couldn't have gotten much better.

The second they arrived the kids got out and were excited to get going. I told everyone that they were all looking very nice and the youngest replied, "I know." Haha, he couldn't get much cuter, and that definitely made me smile! I told them we were going to go for a little walk and I think each one of them said, "YAY!" and took off running. They pretty much ran the whole time, but never too far ahead and they always listened when they were told to come back for pictures. They counted the numbers on the trail markers, watched for cardinals and collected a few neat rocks along the way. Everyone was so friendly and happy and the kids all got along so well and were very well behaved.

I really enjoyed our morning together and I would love to take your pictures again one day! Only next time I will maybe plan for a little more time so you have more than 2 minutes to spare before soccer practice! I was very happy to hear I didn't make you late for soccer!

I just may steal their brilliant parenting strategy for my future sessions. Their deal was if they took nice pictures they would get to have a silly picture. It worked perfectly! I'm not sure if you can tell who was most excited for it!

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