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Jarvis Family - Medicine Hat, Alberta

The day of our session the weather started out beautiful, sunny and hot. The closer it got to the session, the darker the sky started to look and the wind started to blow. We weren't sure we were going to be able to get it done but we got lucky! There were dark skies all around us, but the rain held off until the very end of our session. The kiddos did have to do a dash to the car at the end though!

I loved getting to meet the Jarvis Family. They are such a fun and friendly family. The boys made me smile the whole time! I loved how when I asked the boys to give each other a hug they didn't even hesitate! It was definitely a pleasure to take their photos :)

Dashing to the car in the rain!

Apparently boys can be bribed with "dabs" at the end of the session :)

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