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Casual Kate Photo Shoot

I was so excited to be able to connect with Christy from Casual Kate. She had a new collection launching and wanted some photos to use for marketing. Casual Kate has the most beautiful jewelry, t-shirts, totes and other wonderful gift ideas. Christy personally designs everything in her shop and the jewelry is hand stamped by her at her own workbench! Casual Kate is about inspiring, supporting, and motivating women everywhere, so her items come with the most beautiful messages.

Christy came up with the super fun idea to have the shoot in Back Home Bakery in Weatherford, Texas. They have the most darling little shop and delicious goodies and were so wonderful to let us invade their space for the photo shoot. I most definitely think everyone should check them out!

Christy also found three gorgeous models for the shoot that came with their wonderful kiddos as well. They were all super friendly and wonderful to shoot.

Enjoy my favorites from the shoot and make sure to check out both Casual Kate and Back Home Bakery!

Casual Kate -

Back Home Bakery - 122 N Main Street, Weatherford, Texas

A quote from Christy, "I absolutely love this picture of Meagan with her sweet babies. This is mommin'. This is real life. One kid on your hip, climbing up your body, and one latched on to your leg. It's all "perfectly imperfect," the picture, the moment... ♡ You go with the flow and soak in all the sweetness"