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Haughian Family Session

I was so excited to be asked to shoot this family/newborn session. I had quite a few sleep overs at this ranch growing up because I was best friends with Joanns' sister! It is still one of the prettiest ranches I have ever been on. With cutbanks, creeks, trees, cows and horses it is just perfect!

I had so much fun getting to meet the rest of her family! They have the cutest little kiddos! Miss A was so fun and busy and she has the best little smile! She loved playing with flowers and grass and petting the horses and she had fun trying some sour berries. Just scroll down to see her face after she tried one!

Mr. N was the best newborn I have photographed! He didn't fuss at all and was wide eyed for most of the session! It was so hard to believe he wasn't even three weeks old yet! My favorite part just might have been his little Wranglers! SOOO cute!



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