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Wunsch Family Session

I'm always so happy when I get to travel to a family's home to take their photos! It's such a wonderful place to take photos of because it is so special to them. This session was perfect because of that!

I got to photograph three of the cutest kiddos who had the very best smiles and giggles. They also incorporated their very special horses and livestock into the photos. Their horses were soooo good with the kids. They were so gentle and stood so well for photos (even when little miss was hugging a leg!)

I also love that their Grandma was able to be included in their photos! The photos near the end of her and the kiddos are just the sweetest thing!

Before the session began we were chatting about how important it was to have photos taken every year, which I agree with 100%. Getting photos taken may not be your favorite thing but trust me you will NEVER regret them! One day you will wish you had more (myself included).

Enjoy a few of my favorites!


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