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Markell & Tyler Couples Session

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

You guys... this is probably one of my most favorite sessions to date!

We got so incredibly lucky with the weather! All day it kept forecasting rain and thundershowers on and off. An hour before the session my weather app said it was supposed to be good until 8pm, which would have been perfect. The closer it got to session time the darker the sky got. On our way out to location there was a bunch of lightning to the East of us. I kept my fingers crossed that it would go around and be far enough away! Something worked, because the storm went around but left us with the most beautiful light! One side of us was golden from the sun and the other side had the prettiest stormy background. The pictures look like they were taken on two different days!

Markell and Tyler were so much fun and I had a blast taking their photos! They seriously did not take a single bad photo! It was pretty much impossible to get rid of any shots from their session!

I wish both of them the best with their little bit of time left in Casper and all the best for their future back in Wisconsin!

I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites! I'd love to hear which one is your favorite!


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