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Sheridan & Kade Couples Session

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

I had the best time meeting and photographing Sheridan and Kade! They were such a sweet couple. Every time I told them to look at each other they would get the best grins on their faces. As you scroll through this post I'm sure you will see what I mean! I absolutely love when you can see just how in love a couple is by the way they look at each other!

We had the prettiest evening. Mother Nature was so good to us! We had the most gorgeous golden hour light and no wind at all. Seriously, not even a little bit... I'd say that's more of a miracle!

Sheridan and Kade live in Colorado now but came home to visit family for the weekend. I appreciate both of them taking time out of their family weekend to let me photograph them!

I could have posted their whole session because I loved them all!! I hope you enjoy just a few of my favorites! Make sure to go all they way to the bottom to see their two very cute girls!


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