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Paige & Colton Engagement Session

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Paige is a fellow photographer in Casper, so I was super honored when she asked me to take her engagement photos! Paige and Colton were so much fun to get to know! They were so easy going! First, they were willing to get up in the dark and get ready for a sunrise session. It was a bit chilly at the start but that just made the cuddly poses that much better! Paige didn't let it bother her when her dress got full of little sticky things that didn't want to come off! They both didn't let it bug them when their shoes got wet from walking up to a waterfall and through long wet grass. The two dogs that were friendly and wanted to be in every picture didn't bother them either! Luckily we were able to shoot around the dogs!

When you scroll through this post, you are going to see just how much these two love each other. Their smiles for each other are so genuine! During the whole shoot I could just tell how perfect of a couple they are!

Enjoy some of my favorites!


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