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Carlyn & Brandon - Central Alberta Engagement Session

I have shot in a lot of pretty places but this one is now right up there at the top of my favorites list! Everything about this session was perfect! The couple, the weather, no bugs, mountains, pretty water and trees!

These two were so fun to meet, so photogenic and easy going. It was not always easy posing, walking and dancing on the rocks but you'd never know by looking at the pictures and they never complained once! When we started they told me they had never had professional photos taken before but I'm really not sure if I believe them!

When I got to the location to scout for the best spots there were people and tents and trailers EVERYWHERE! I ended up lucking out when I came to this spot, somehow there were very few people there and hardly any in sight! No one will believe just how busy it actually was there!

I have a million favorites from this session but here are just a few!



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