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Gina - Class of 2021 - Consul

I was so excited when Gina messaged me to take her grad photos! I had so much fun photographing her and her family and it was wonderful to see them after so many years!

Gina is so incredibly photogenic so it was super easy to take her photos. We had to contend with some wind in the beginning and a whole bunch of swallows and then a million mosquitoes. You would never know from the photos that she was probably being eaten alive for the last half of the session!

I love when pets are brought to a session but they brought the CUTEST little puppy! She was so good and made for some adorable photos! Just scroll if you don't believe me!

Gina, I hope you have the best time at your graduation and I wish you the best of luck in Texas (I just wish I could fit in your suitcase).

Hair by Jorden Ferguson

Makeup by the stunning Gina herself (I think she could have a second career)


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