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Kacie & Kendall - Medicine Hat Maternity Session

I was so excited when I was asked to shoot this session but once I got to their property I was even more excited! They live on some beautiful land and it was so much fun touring it and finding all the best spots.

These two were just stunning together. Kacie’s dresses and that fur coat were absolutely gorgeous on her and she was just glowing. That coat used to be her Grandmother’s and thank goodness it wasn’t turned into teddy bears! You would never know from the pictures just how very cold they were. I’m talking teeth chattering, can’t feel your fingers and see your breath kind of cold! They were absolute troopers and stuck it out for the whole session (thank goodness for a warm truck close by for many warm up breaks!)

Kacie is due any day now and I can’t wait for them to welcome their little one home. I know that little one will be very loved!


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